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is responsible for the personal information that is collected. For further information contact, Tine Doktor at or +45 40 76 06 00.

Purpose of collecting and store personal information

DMR collect and stores information seen as necessary for the purpose of delivering advice at a high professional level. This ensures us to meet the needs of our clients. This obey our ISO 9001 certification.

Sensitive personal information will not be collected. If we receive such information, it will be deleted immediately.    

What personal information does DMR collect?

We collect information such as name, address, organization number, contact information (telephone number and e-mail), information collected form costumer surveys and possibly complaint or issues regarding costumer contact.

The information help us deliver the best possible advices to our clients according to our ISO 9001 certification. Follow-ups and surveys are important when confirming customer satisfaction. This helps us develop feature advices.

Storage of personal information

When a contract or agreement has been placed will there be made a registration that contains name, address, mail and organization in DMR`s accounting system. This is for being able to proceed a correct invoice.

The case will be stored on DMR`s server under case number.

All information that DMR receive will be stored in the electronic case folder. Personal sensitive information will not be stored.

When a case is closed, will it be closed in our accounting system. Information in the client folder, will not be deleted according to the statute of limitations. We save the information for 10years. Information in our accounting system will be saved as the law of accounting demands.

During our yearly customer satisfaction survey, uses DMR a external data processor to proceed and storage of personal information. DMR has made a deal with the external data processor. Only name and e-mail will be loaded.

DMR`s IT-system is well protected and we work continuous with further improvements. All systems are monitored and updated according to DMR`s ISO 9001 certification.

All employees have access to information about our cases. This is to ensure hassle-free cooperation between the employees.

Deleting of personal information

DMR store all cases even after 10 years (to the statute of limitations). We do this because we want to be able to make a report and find old information. In addition have many of our reports been made public.

There is only personal information such as name, address, e-mal and phone number in our cases. And this information exist in so many places, that it makes it impossible to review and delete.  

Duty to provide correct information

DMR`s clients have the right to claim insight about what information that is been handled and stored. The information will be delivered soon after the request, at least within four weeks. The request can be sent to

DMR work continuously to make sure all information is registered correctly. If a client become aware that wrong information is been registered, will this be taken care of as soon as DMR get a notification. 

Dissemination to third parties.

DMR do only chare information to a third party when it is necessary in order to fulfill our contractual commitments to our clients and the requirements of our ISO 9001 certification or law.

DMR make sure to only share necessary information.

Dissemination to third countries.

Information shall not be shared with unsecure third countries. If some of DMR`s systems is operated in a third country, shall this be a part of the agreement with DMR. This will then be regulated accordingly to the laws of EU.

DMR is owned by DMR A/S in Denmark and according to current legislation, Denmark is considered a safe third country (EU).

Safety measures

DMR want to ensure the highest security level possible trough safety customization in our IT-systems. In this way, we ensure that personal information is not transferred by mistake or deliberate action to parties who are not suppose to have possession of this information.

DMR`s IT-systems such as backup, firewall, computer security and more is described in DMR`s ISO 9001 certification quality manual and DMR`s IT-security policy.