Tailored IOT solutions

<strong>Tailored IOT solutions</strong>

In our Department for Intelligent sampling, we have a highly qualified and cross-disciplinary group of experts (software, hardware and environmental engineers), who have participated in a wide range of R/D projects focused on environmental IOT. If you need help with design and development of a new sampling or IOT device, we can participate/collaborate at all levels, from initial design ideas all the way through to a finished product.

We are also able to help during field investigations, once the device is finished, or we can design a complete surveillance package for specific projects. We have a large knowledge base and a network of reliable equipment suppliers, and high-level university experts, who can be included in projects. This ensures that you get the newest and most robust solution for your project.

For many IOT solutions, we have our multi logger board, which simplifies the development process, and ensures that you get a well tested base/backbone for your new customized device. This board can, besides logging of most the available sensors, also control external devices like pumps and valves.  The board is programmed in the Arduino IDE opensource software. We can help design and make the software,and even chance change the software at a later time.

The multi logger board is developed with an intelligent power control. This makes it possible to completely turn off the board at a desired frequency, which means that it can run on batteries for a long time. The board is designed to be controlled by the Arduino MKR series, which means that it can log data using GSM, WIFI, Narrow band and other remote access platforms supported by the MKR series boards. Furthermore, the board has a micro-SD socked, which can be used for data backup if the remote control fails.

For more information and quotes on special projects please contact one of our experts listed below.

Poul Larsen
Department manager
+45 30 22 50 55
Simon Tollestrup Loell
Electronic mechanic
+45 41 30 35 49
Søren Bastholm Olesen
Project leader
+45 50 56 06 74
Thomas Poulsen
Software engineer
+45 25 50 55 67