DMR Equipment

DMR Equipment

Production and consulting

DMR Equipment is a Danish company specialized in production of equipment for soil- and groundwater investigations. The company is also a consultant for public authorities and private companies for sampling of soil- and groundwater. We deliver individual solutions according to the needs of our costumers. We install soil water samplers and pump systems for direct use by our clients.

Our keywords are:
  • production of robust and durable equipment
  • reliability and accuracy
  • flexibility
  • individual solutions
  • expertise and personal service.
DMR Equipment is applicable for:
  • agriculture
  • forestry
  • horticulture
  • geoscience
  • natural ecosystems.
Applicable for environmental investigations and monitoring of:
  • soil and groundwater pollution
  • soil acidification
  • waste disposal sites
  • PFAS and pesticide contamination
  • nitrate leaching.

DMR Equipment is a company originating in a research and development programme at The Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen. The programme emphasized the development of durable equipment of high quality.

The equipment is designed and constructed to function under all soil and environmental conditions, and not imposing any or only a minimum of disturbance on the natural conditions in the soil. DMR Equipment ensures easy collection of correct and reliable soil water samples under realistic field conditions. Reliable sample collection in the field is crucial for the analytical results obtained in the laboratory. DMR Equipment leads the way towards the most accurate analytical results. It forms the basis for your final evaluations, decisions and financial investments.

During the last three decades DMR Equipment has gained a wide and comprehensive experience in the use of equipment for soil and groundwater investigations. This experience is available for our clients for the design and construction of field monitoring stations and investigations. We can be consulted already from the planning phase of the project, or later in development of special equipment for your demands. We also perform the final field installations for you, if desired. The level of our contribution to your project is up to your decision. You explain your demands, and we deliver an optimal solution for you to meet your demands.

Recommendations and guidelines

DMR Equipment is delivered with recommendations and guidelines for optimal use to secure reliable results.
For example we recommend to do all installations of soil water samplers in a slurry of silica flour and water to obtain comparable installation conditions and to improve the capillary contact between the soil pores and the pores of the soil water sampler. It is very important to follow the prescribed procedures carefully to achieve good and reliable results.

Poul Larsen
Department manager
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Preben Jørgensen
Expertise manager
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