Customer satisfaction in DMR – one of our core values

Customer satisfaction in DMR – one of our core values

One of our three core values in DMR is that the customer is ALWAYS at the center and the starting point for all our work. Therefore, we are dedicated to achieving high customer satisfaction and thereby become our customers’ preferred partner. This is an integrated part of our ISO 9001-2015 certified quality system.

In 2023/24, 212 customers responded to our customer satisfaction survey.

We assess customer satisfaction based on five key questions, which customers rate on a scale from 0-10. From these data, a Net Promoter Score (NPS) value is calculated, which is a systematic and standardized way to assess and compare customer satisfaction among companies. Generally, an NPS from –100 to 0 is seen as poor, 0-50 as good, and over 50 as excellent. The calculated NPS values for DMR from 2023/24 are shown below.

Furthermore, we asked our customers if they can/would recommend DMR to others. The survey from 2023/24 shows that approximately 98.5% of the 212 participating customers can, and in many cases already have, recommended DMR to their own network. We are honored by this result, and at the same time very aware that this trust obligates us. In the survey, customers also had the opportunity to opt-in for a value talk on how we can create added value for the customer together – 48 customers chose this option.

As tradition, the results of the customer satisfaction survey, along with the customers’ specific suggestions for improvements, will be used as inspiration and motivation to maintain, and preferably, improve our advice and collaboration with our customers moving forward.

The results of the customer satisfaction survey can be seen here.