DMR Equipment’s history

DMR Equipment’s history

DMR Equipment is a part of DMR which is mainly a consultancy company. DMR cowers many disciplines, mostly focused on environmental aspects, like assessment and remediation of polluted soil, geotechnical soil investigations and indoor air quality assessments focused on e.g., mold and chemical indoor air quality.

In 2014 the idea behind DMR Equipment was born, as we identified several conceptual knowledge gaps in the normal practice to which there was no technical solution to investigate. At the same time, the IOT (internet of things) wave flushed the engineering world which promoted many prototyping platforms like Arduino, Raspberry PI and 3D printing. We saw this opportunity to build tailored equipment which could help shed light on the conceptual knowledge gaps, and further sharpen the assessments in environmental consultancy. In the end, this will help spending the budgets for environmental investigations best possibly and focus on the real problems.

In 2018, DMR acquired PRENART Equipment. PRENART was in 1987 originated from a research project at the Technical University of Denmark dealing with soil water sampling in the unsaturated zone. Prenart Equipment thus contributed with soil water sampling products and knowledge to DMR-Equipment at the highest level gathered over more than 30 years of experience from projects at home and abroad. Prenart has thus become a recognized brand worldwide. Furthermore, the acquisition of Prenart Equipment contributed with basic knowledge and equipment for greenhouse gas flux measurements which later resulted in today’s advanced “State of the Art” ECOFluX equipment for that purpose.

Today DMR Equipment produce and sell equipment for soil water sampling and automatic chambers for quantification of greenhouse gas emissions. We also produce a multilogger, for rental, which is coupled to our cloud service. This can be configured with different sensors to investigate many different conceptual questions like landfill gas concentrations, water level etc. We also participate in many different R&D projects where our role is to develop customized loggers or intelligent sampling systems for e.g. Environmental DNA and investigation of physical sludge parameters.

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Department manager
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Expertise manager
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