Values, mission and vision

Values, mission and vision

DMR values:

DMR has the following 3 core values, which are the foundation of all DMR’s consultancy and all employees:

  • customer satisfaction
  • employees well-being
  • profound knowledge (and professional pride)

Customer satisfaction:

At DMR the customer is at the center and the starting point, for all our work. Therefore, we work purposefully, to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction, so that our customers want to become our preferred business partner. We do this by always striving to:

  • – Provide high quality of consultancy services
    – Deliver on time (at the latest)
    – Deliver the agreed consultancy service (at least)
    – Comply with the agreed budgets
    – Provide counseling, that creates value for the customer

We have a goal, that at least 85% of our customers, must be satisfied/very satisfied with our work, measured on the parameters above. As an integrated part of our ISO 9001 certification, an annual assessment is carried out, to determine if we live up to this goal. Which we have done, in the years the assessment has been carried out.

Employee well-being:

At DMR we know that a crucial part for succes, is our skilled employees. We strive for all our employees to think that DMR is an attractive workplace. Among other things, we do this by:

  • Continuously carry out workplace assessments, working with our internal working-environment, including our handbook which is certified according to ISO 45001:2018.
  • Elaboration of a number of company policies, i.a. against stress.
  • Annually carrying out well-being analyses among all employees.
  • To the extent possible, delegate responsibility to the individual employee and generally listen to the employees ideas and suggestions, for improvements in our work routines and procedures.
  • To delegate responsibility and authority to those who “can and will”

Professional knowledge and pride:

At DMR we know that a crucial part for succes, is our employees profound knowledge. Therefore, we actively work with each individual’s profound knowledge (and professional pride). We do this, among other things by:

  • Have an educational course and training plan for all employees.
  • Use resources on relevant courses – both internal and external – for all employees.
  • Have a goal, to use employees’ professionel and personal resources most optimally.
  • Have an overall objective, to be the market leader in terms of quality in all of our different consultancy.

DMR’s mission:

DMR will strive to be the customer’s preferred partner, by always deliver task-specific consultancy of high quality, that creates value for the customer based on the individual customer’s needs and the specific assignment.

DMR’s vision:

DMR wants to be the market leader in terms of quality in all our consultancy services that we offer/perform.