Quality management ISO 9001:2015

DMR will at in any customer relation aspire to deliver consultancy and products at a level and quality that corresponds to the client’s expectations and demands.

We are very conscious about quality and credibility is above all in a privately owned consultancy company.

To ensure a high and uniform quality all quality checks of reports are performed by DMR’s quality manager or staff chosen as a substitute or specialist within a given field, no matter which customer or from which office the task is performed.   

DMR has developed a quality management book which among others is based in the following quality criteria:

  • Level and quality goal for a task must be specified, unambiguous, easy to understand and achievable.
  • Distribution of responsibility and authority for all functions that can influence the quality must be defined.
  • The managing staff must on a regular basis assess and adjust the quality handbook, to continuously improve quality and reduce costs.
  • The managing staff must ensure that the quality strategy is completed and kept up to date by targeted motivation and continuous education of all staff members.  

The quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

Quality policy: Ensure customer satisfaction with DMR’s counseling. Aspire to a customer perception that the consultancy services in DMR are better than the competitors. DMR possesses a high level of professionalism and has the ambition to be an industry leader. As a minimum we deliver our services before the agreed deadline. Maintain a solid basis for DMR’s business.

Based on the quality policy, the following guidelines and goals have been defined.


  • Clarify and fulfill the customers’ demands and expectations and aspire to deliver high level consultancy that ensures optimal solutions in regards to environment, technology and economy.
  • We always focus on the customer as an active partner, and there is a continuous focus on the degree of satisfaction from the delivered services.
  • To be the preferred business partner.   

Employees, professionalism and crew

  • Consultancy is delivered on a solid and professional founded platform, based on technical norms, newest experience/knowledge and within current legislation.
  • The services are delivered in a good and reproduceable quality and the agreed frame for budget and time is kept.
  • Skilled, dynamic and quality conscious staff is employed which is developed further through the individual’s potential.
  • DMR aspires to be on the front end with the scientific, technical, administrative and economical development within our fields of interest. 
  • DMR continuously improve our quality level and managements system.
  • DMR perform activities in a safe and responsible manner and in suitable surroundings, which ensures a working environment that creates motivated and well performing employees. 


  • Customer satisfaction measurements are performed with the following goals:
  • 85% of the answers from customers must have the grade 7-10.
  • NPS-values >50.
  • >80% of customers must be able to recommend DMR.