eDNA filter cartridge

From EUR 150,00 excl. VAT

The eDNA filter cartridge is developed for eDNA sampling much the same way as when using Sterivex filters. However, using this filter cartridge, it is possible to choose any standard filter with a standard diameter of 47 mm, and it is easy to disassemble the cartridge to get out the filters after use.


The filter area of the standard Steriwex filter is 10 cm2, and the area of the new eDNA filter cartridge is 32 cm2.  This gives a much higher filtration capacity.


  • Dimensions: 30x50x50 mm (d X h X l).
  • Effective filter area: 32 cm2.
  • Maximum filtration pressure: 2 bar.
  • Material of casing: Aluminum.
  • Material of filter bed: 3D printed PLA plastic as standard but can be customized for other types).
  • Threading of holes for filtered water: M4
  • Threading of holes for inlet water: ¼-28.

The unit is as a standard delivered with filter beds of PLA plastics and we can also supply a blind side plane if customers which only to ally one filter in the cartridge.

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