Work environment management via ISO 45001:2018 certification

DMR is authorized work environment advisor, and we find it natural that we take the lead to ensure a good working environment.

The purpose of the work environment managements system is to create a safe and healthy work environment, prevent accidents and damages, and to promote health, well-being, and the developing and joyful environment among employees. The employee’s safety and health are highly prioritized and supported by DMR’s third basic value – employee well-being.

The management system includes e.g., specific goals/KPI’s about accidents and accident analysis (continuously and at least once a year) and a measurement of employee well-being (once a year). I relation to the measurements, specific goals are defined, e.g.:

  • NPS >50 (on questions related to work environment well-being).
  • >85% of the employees must be able to recommend DMR.