Floating automated ECOFluX chamber

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  • Two chamber in one (light and dark chamber) which makes it possible to measure photosynthesis and respiration at the same spot.
  • Ecosystem-level measurements on vegetation up to 80 cm in height over an area of 3.100 cm2.
  • Volume 220 L.
  • Unique design where the chamber closes from the ground and upwards to prevent plant damage upon closure.
  • Both transparent and darkened measurements with the same unit for measurements of NEE, Ecosystem Respiration (ER) and Gross Ecosystem Photosynthesis (GEP) directly and simultaneously.
  • Innovative non-soil-intrusive double ground collar to prevent biases caused by root damage upon field installation.
  • All movements are driven by one motor/gear unit in a rugged construction.
  • Control and data acquisition through ECOFlux multiplexer system and ECOFlux datalogger.
  • Auxillary sensors (extras): Chamber air temperaturePAR and soil water content.
  • The standard chamber has been applied for emission measurements of CO2, CH4, N2O, and in a teflon coated version for NH3 emission measurements.
  • Bottom collar floats on the watersurface
  • The heawy chamber parts stands on the wetland / stream sediment surface keaping it in place.


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