Sand filter surveillance

Sand filter surveillance

MethanOx Biofilter – Optimize filter backwash and performance

In this project supported by the Environmental Technology Development and Demonstration Program (MUDP), a biofilter is being developed which can remove methane from the groundwater used to produce drinking water. By using a biological filter, where natural bacteria from the groundwater oxidize methane directly in the filter to CO2, and further to hydrogen carbonate (HCO-3), so that neither methane nor CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere, a considerable reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is achieved.

Two new products are being developed by DMR in this project that:

  • Lengthen filter run times
  • Reduce backwash volumes
  • Reduce backwash duration
  • Track filter growth
  • Keeps track of filter media hydraulic performance  

Bed Expansion Tracker (BET):

The Bed Expansion Tracker ensure proper filter media expansion during backwash and keeps track of filter growth over time due to iron and manganese deposits on filter grains which slowly build up depending on the back wash efficiency.

Filter Health Tracker (FHT):

The filter health tracker uses automatic data processing of breakthrough curves so that the hydraulic condition of the filter medium is regularly monitored.

Poul Larsen
Department manager
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Søren Bastholm Olesen
Project leader
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