Intelligent canister controller

EUR 210,00

The rental price is for one sample + shipping and customs.

When you order, we will send you a final quote for approval which includes an estimate of both equipment rental, customs and shipping.

Rental price: 210 Euro pr. 16 days of rental.


DMR’s intelligent canister controller is a plug and play solution, that automatically ensures that an indoor air sample is taken over the desired sampling timeframe. The sampling time can be adjusted between 8 and 30 days and the controller automatically calculate how much air is allowed to be sampled each hour.

More information about the controller can be found here. The controller sends a text message via SMS to the personal installing the controller with initial pressure and a message when the desired stop vacuum is reached.


  • Battery: 4 Ah Dewalt 18 V XR. This is supplied fully charged with the controller.
  • Settings to be set before start:
  • Phone number.
  • Sampling duration (days).
  • Stop vacuum (Inch Hg).
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