Intelligent indoor air sampling

Sampling of indoor air with SUMMA canisters is one of the world’s most common sampling techniques together with passive samplers like the ORSA-tubes from Dräger. A disadvantage of using canisters is the relatively short maximum sampling period of 7 days and the standard period for indoor air sampling in Denmark is 14 days.

To work around the problem with the sampling period, we have developed an intelligent canister controller. This controller makes it possible to automatically control open and close periods for an electrically controlled valve and to log the vacuum in the canister over time. Using this system, we can extend the sampling period to e.g.  14 days by automatically only keeping the valve open for half an hour for each hour.

The new canister controller can also be reprogrammed to open at specific times each day. This could be used if it is only relevant to sample during a store’s opening hour, or if it is needed only to measure in a bedroom only during night hours. The possibilities are many, but the important thing is that the system can be configured for specific needs.

The manual for the canister controller can be downloaded here, and rental of the canister controller can be ordered via our webshop here. If you have any questions regarding this solution, our experts below are always ready to help you.

Poul Larsen
Department manager
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Simon Tollestrup Loell
Electronic mechanic
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Software engineer
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