Gas emission measurements – ECOFlux

The ECOFlux brand covers a range of high-level equipment carefully designed to meet high scientific standards for emission measurements, combined with focus on practical challenges in the field. The equipment has been developed as a collaboration between GAIA2TECH and DMR/PRENART and is produced by GAIA2TECH and exclusively sold by DMR. Both systems are currently in use for emission measurement of both CH4, CO2, N2O and NH3 in projects distributed throughout Europe.

As our primary focus has been to manufacture an innovative flux chamber system, it was decided to make it possible to combine it with any analyzer in the market. In this way, you can also choose to combine with analyzers already present in your lab. As a part of our service, we can test and optimize the combination of the chambers with the analyzer of your choice and we also have good collaboration with the different analyzer suppliers so it’s possible to configure a complete system through us, including the analyzer. 

Overall, we supply two systems: a manual chamber system and a fully automated chamber system.

Additional information on each system and the best setup to cover your needs can be found on our subpages or by contacting our experts. We can function as your project collaborator on many levels ranging from supplier of the technical systems, to total field responsible partner taking care of setup and continuous management of the field site. 

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Department manager
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Expertise manager
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